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Takeaway available
Lunch open
Wed – Sat 12pm – 2.30pm

Dinner open
Tue – Sat from 6pm – 10pm

Closed Sunday, Monday and Public holidays


Salmon Medium $25
11 pcs
Salmon Small $12
5 pcs
Tuna Medium $25
11 pcs
Tuna Small $12
5 pcs
Combination Medium $25
11 pcs
Combination Small $12
5 pcs

Sushi dishes

Mini Rolls

Salmon Mini rolls $8
6 pcs

Tuna Mini rolls $8
6 pcs

Avocado Mini rolls $8
6 pcs

Large Rolls

Salmon Avocado $11
5 pcs Large rolls

Teriyaki Chicken Avocado $11
5 pcs Large rolls

Crumbed prawn rolls $16
5 pcs Large rolls

Temaki Sushi (Hand rolled Sushi DIY Kit)

Temaki Sushi kit

Temaki Sushi Kit $42
hand rolled sushi DIY kit for 2 people

This link is how to make your own temaki sushi so no sushi chef experience required.

On rice / Udon noodle

Chicken cutlet bowl

Teriyaki Chicken don $17
Pan fried Teriyaki chicken on rice

Teriyaki Salmon don $17
Pan fried Teriyaki salmon on rice

Teriyaki Tofu don $17
Pan fried Teriyaki tofu on rice

Karaage don $17
Marinated fried chicken on rice

Mix tempura don $18

Vege tempura don $18

Mix tempura with Udon Noodle soup $20

Vege tempra with Udon noodle soup $20

Plain Udon noodle soup $12

Small dishes

Edamame $7

Salt & Pepper Squid $11

Octpus Balls $9

Crispy prawn rolls $11

Crumbed prawn $16

Pork & Vege Gyoza $11.5

Vegetarian Gyoza $11.5

Karaage Chicken $14

Green Salad $15

Tempura Battered

Mix Tempura $26

Vegetable Tempura $24

Prawn Tempura $26


Teriyaki chicken $28

Teriyaki Salmon $29

Teriyaki Tofu $23

Crumbed Chicken katsu $28

Bowl of rice $2

Miso soup $2

Soft drinks

RAMUNE (Japanese Cider) $5

Children’s Beer (Non alchol apple cider) $7

Iced Green Tea $5

Siphon Cofee (Japanese Vacuum Pot Coffee) $5


Chocolate Brownie
with Vanilla Ice Cream $13
Green Tea Brownie
with Plumwine Ice cream $17

*Please be advised that the presentation may differ from the photographs displayed, due to packaging restrictions and limits.