Sunshine brewery craft beer selection

Sunshine Brewery - TANTO Japanese Dining Auckland

Craft beer from gisborne are available at TANTO from today!

Sunshine Brewery - TANTO Japanese Dining Auckland
Sunshine Brewery – TANTO Japanese Dining Auckland

Gisborne’s Sunshine Brewery has been turning out delicious batch-brewed beer using all natural ingredients since 1989. We’re pretty sure that makes us the second oldest independent brewery in New Zealand.

Craft beer selection

Offshore Indian Pale Lager – 6.4%alc – 500ml $15


Offshore IPA - TANTO Japanese Dining
Offshore IPA – TANTO Japanese Dining
We have been a lager house for 25 years and it is time now for lager to be given the full IPA treatment. This IPL is brewed to have you buzzing, much like a good swell with an Offshore wind blowing. To retain lager lightness, some wheat was used in the malt base that we designed to give complex malt aromas. Lots of American hops provide a big and rounded bitterness with citrus and passionfruit aromatic overlays.

All this brewed with some special artesian well mineral water. Worth dropping in for.


Pale Face Ale IPA 5.5%alc – 500ml $15

Paleface IPA Ale - TANTO Japanese Dining
Paleface IPA Ale – TANTO Japanese Dining
This is our take on what has become the craft beer standard, an all New Zealand hop India Pale Ale. Using our great Gisborne water and a malting regime to develop a good stiff backbone we have added a nine stage hopping regime for a layered and complex hop hit, without losing balance and drinkability through excessive alcohol and bitterness. The palate is smooth and creamy with a good lashing of peppery hop character to give a clean and long finish. Probably longer then the beer lasts inside your glass, because this pale ale is hard to drink slowly.


Black Magic Stout – 5%alc – 500ml $15

Black Magic Staut - TANTO Japanese Dining
Black Magic Staut – TANTO Japanese Dining
Back in 1997 a little known beer threw a spell over the esteemed Judges at the NZ Beer Fest, not only did it get awarded a gold medal and top of class but was named runner up to the supreme beer of the show, some say it was magic, Black Magic to be precise.

Jump ahead a decade to 2007 when it appeared in another Beer show, Brew NZ in Wellington, and again as if by magic it was awarded Champion Dark Beer but by that time Black Magic Stout was very well known with even the late Michael Jackson (the world’s foremost beer judge and writer) having written “Black Magic is an outstanding world-class black beer”

Black Magic did not sit well with all its fame and disappeared under a spell to be served only to the good people of Gisborne.

Now almost a decade later the original recipe is back (we do admit to changing the 2 row pilsner malt out with an English ale malt to give more mouth feel) and for the first time ever is now in bottle.

Let yourself be charmed and feel the spell of Black Magic stout but do remember, whilst you sip it lounging on your old leather couch, that you are savouring a craft beer with a long tradition of success.

Tasting note

Starting with the lusciousness of the black ruby colour and a tantalizing aroma of chocolate, coffee and vanilla Black Magic’s well balanced richness, displaying weight and flavour beyond its alcohol strength (5%), will explode on your palate. The old roasted malt character finishes with a lovely velvet smoothness and late sweetness