New Item : Greenstone Creek – Free Range Grass Fed Beef Scotch

Greenstone Creek

Inspired by New Zealand’s sought after precious stone and the crystal clear creeks flowing through our native forests, Greenstone Creek captures the purity, naturalness and quality of the very best of New Zealand.

This incomparable, premium hand-selected beef is supplied to the world’s most discerning chefs, fi nest restaurants and selected retail stores.

Raised naturally, free range
Because we’re as passionate about quality ingredients as you are, Greenstone Creek beef is raised free range, grazing lush green pastures and enjoying New Zealand’s temperate year-round climate. The way beef should be grown. Greenstone Creek is premium hand-selected, perfectly pure and traceable to the farm gate.

Unrivalled taste
Greenstone Creek is committed to using only traditional British breeds for the best possible tasting beef.

Available at TANTO now.