Orion Beer from Okinawa, Japan

Okinawan Beer Special

Okinawa’s No1 beer is on special at TANTO!

Orion Beer from Okinawa, Japan
Orion Beer from Okinawa, Japan

Orion Beer is Okinawa’s premiere beer brand.
Originating in southern island Okinawa,
Orion Beer is popular for its refreshing taste.
Okinawan beer tastes great, especially in the hot weather
of Asia. Be sure to try it!

350ml $8 $5.5 (Limited Special Price)

Orion Draught Beer (Beer)

Born in the subtropical climate of Okinawa, this beer is smooth with a refreshing taste – that of genuine beer with a light flavor. It’s a perfect accompaniment to any type of food including Okinawan cuisine, making it even more delicious and stimulating the appetite.
The beer contains barley protein, which is enhanced during the brewing process. The protein gives the beer smooth foam and enables it to bubble longer. We deliver this refreshing, tasty beer to you. You will never get enough of its superb flavor.