7th Sushi Night – 2nd of August 2020

Sushi Night is back !

We are more than happy to annoucing that our sushi night will be back to normal – first Sunday night every month. Special Sushi items and menus available exclusively this night. Last 6 times, we had more than 40 sushi items & will try to do get them as much as we can.

Last 6 times had all booked out so so please be quick.

Recurouting new staff

Please drop your CV to kuni@tanto.co.nz

10周年を迎えたTANTO Japanese Diningでは明るく元気なホールスタッフ・キッチンハンドを募集しています。働けるビザをお持ちの方。勤務スケジュール応談。週2回程度でも可能ですので、お気軽にご連絡ください。

ディナータイム 5時半~10時位まで。

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