Temaki Sushi Kit

Temaki Sushi kit

Temaki Sushi (Hand roll) DIY Kit

Temaki Sushi kit
Temaki Sushi kit – TANTO Japanese Dining

Temaki Sushi is a perfect way for family dinner party. Easy, tasty & fun. This kit contains 8 kinds of Sushi items, Sushi rice, Seaweed, pickled ginger & soy sauce for 2 people ($42).

Let’s start make your own hand rolled sushi.

Wash your hands thoroughly

Sanitation is a BIG word for these days. Wash your hands with soap for at least 30sec.

Why it is essential to wash hands for a full 30 seconds

Put 1 sheet of seaweed on your plate

Spread sushi rice on the seaweed

Do not put too much rice on it otherwise you’ve gonna make mess:-).

Put your favourite Sushi item(s)

Use your immagination to create new sensation. Some wasabi is a good idea if you like.

Roll it & Eat it!

Put some soy sauce & eat it as quick as you can. Please give us your nice shape of temaki sushi pics to kuni@tanto.co.nz. Cheers.

Temaki Sushi Kit $42
hand rolled sushi DIY kit for 2 people